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About the Awards

Throughout Asia and the Pacific, cultural heritage sites are under threat. As heritage buildings and properties are largely in private ownership, the role of private individuals and institutions in protecting these vulnerable sites is paramount.

Recognizing this, UNESCO seeks to encourage private sector involvement and public-private collaboration in conserving the region's cultural heritage for the benefit of current and future generations.

Established in 2000, the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation recognize excellent achievement in successfully conserving or restoring heritage buildings and properties in the region by the private sector or by public-private initiatives.

In 2005, UNESCO launched the Award for New Design in Heritage Contexts (previously known as the Jury Commendation for Innovation). This Award recognizes newly-built structures which demonstrate outstanding architectural design that is well-integrated into historic contexts.

Since 2000, UNESCO has received 562 entries from 24 countries. A total of 174 projects have received Awards for exemplary conservation efforts, while 9 projects have received the Award for New Design in Heritage Contexts.

The Award winners span a wide range of conservation projects from private residences to palace complexes. Over the years, the projects illustrate the increasing momentum and level of conservation in Asia and the Pacific.

The Awards set technical and social benchmarks for cultural heritage conservation in the region. Award-winning projects serve as catalysts and a source of inspiration for private individuals and institutions in conserving cultural heritage throughout the region.

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