Title: Sixth National Workshop - Thailand

Sixth National Training Workshop for Teacher Educators

Teacher-educators participating in the workshop.

28 August - 1 September 2006: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thai teachers learn to use ICT to enhance teaching and learning
With the aim of building the capacity of teachers to use ICT as a tool to enhance teaching and learning, UNESCO convened a teacher training workshop in Chang Mai, Thailand, from 28 August to 1 September 2006.

During the five-day workshop, the 25 participants (teachers and teacher-educators from teacher training universities in Thailand) learned about ICT resources and tools for enhancing teaching and learning; multi-modal methods for facilitating learning;  and competency-based standards. In addition, the participants learned about learner-centred teaching methodologies and participated in learner-centred training activities.

Participants discovered how to create interactive presentations and how to do Webquests, and they engaged in group discussions to share ideas and exchange what they had learned with each other. Through the establishment of an online forum, the participants are able to continue sharing ideas and cooperating even after they have returned to their training institutions.

The workshop was held as one of the activities of the “Training and Professional Development of Teachers and Other Facilitators for Effective Use of ICT in Improving Teaching and Learning” project, which is being implemented by the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development (APEID), funded by Japanese Funds-in-Trust (JFIT). This workshop was held in parallel with a training workshop for teacher-educators participating in the "Next Generation of Teachers" project.

This APEID “ICT in Education” project has involved holding a series of national workshops to train teachers to integrate ICT into teaching and learning. The first workshop in the series was held in Penang, Malaysia in June 2005. This was followed by a workshop in Bangalore, India, in August 2005. The third workshop was held in Beijing, China, in November 2005 and the fourth was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, in March 2006. The fifth workshop was in Quezon City, Philippines, in June 2006 and the sixth workshop was the one held in Chiang Mai, Thailand in August-September 2006.

The training gained by teachers through the workshops is passed on to other teachers through the cascade model. That is, the training workshops train groups of master trainers and teacher educators in each country and these teachers conduct similar activities to train teachers in their respective countries, resulting in a multiplier effect.

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