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For Teachers and Professionals

Follow the links below for valuable resources on bringing the Arts into any classroom as well as a variety of academic material on Arts Education. 



Art, Artists and Teaching 

A summary from a symposium hosted by Bennington College and the J. Paul Getty Trust aimed at exploring new ways to infuse the creative impulses of the arts and artists into education. (PDF, 83 KB) 


Arts Education Project Designer's Toolbook  

Developed for the Idaho Commission on the Arts, this document provides a useful introduction on educational planning program development in an arts education environment.  (More...)   



This online monthly e-magazine is developed by the Korea Arts and Culture Education Service and provides information on activities relating to arts and culture education in the Republic of Korea. (More...) 


Arts, Neuroscience, and Learning 

A brief review of some new avenues of research on neuroscience and the impact of the arts on learning by James E. Zull of Case Western Reserve University.  (More...)  


Authentic Connections: Interdisciplinary Work in the Arts 

A document aimed at clarifying how the arts can be taught with integrity through interdisciplinary content standards created by the Consortium of National Arts Education Associations.  (PDF, 155 KB)

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Education Through the Arts in Secondary Schools 

Stephanie B. Perrin on the need for essential nature for arts education in an increasingly technological, service-based, international postmodern world.  (More...)


Every Child Needs the Arts 

A defence of art education by Charles Fowler on the grounds art is the communicative medium of civilizations.  (More...)

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Learning Through the Arts 

A synthesis by Dee Dickinson of the research of arts education to learning with a discussion on the relationship between the arts and cognition.  (More...)

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The Necessary Role of the Arts in Education and Society 

Chairman of the Center for Arts in the Basic Curriculum Eric Oddleifson on the role the arts can play in deepening the capacity for intelligent thought and action. (More...)

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Policy Guidelines for Arts Education in Canadian Schools 

A useful collection of guidelines and recommendations for arts education developed by the National Symposium on Arts Education.  (PDF, 134 KB)

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Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts 

Created by the New York City Department of Education, the blueprints offer a comprehensive foundation from which instructional programs in music, dance, visual arts and theater can be built. DOWNLOAD HERE


Boston Public Schools as Arts Integrated Learning 

An address to the Council of Elementary Principals of Boston by the Chairman of the Center for Arts in the Basic Curriculum Eric Oddleifson on the importance of the arts in education.  (More...) 

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Creative Education Report 

The final report following a four day Creative Education Summit held in Hong Kong in November 2006 under the auspices of the Asia Cultural Cooperation Forum.  (PDF, 27,934 KB)  


Critical Links 

A summary by James S. Catterall of UCLA on recent investigations on the contribution of the arts to academic achievement, student engagement, motivation and social skills.  (More...) 

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Interactive Music Strategies for the Academic Curriculum 

Michelle Lazar on how to employ music as a multi-sensory approach to teaching subjects such as math, literacy, science and social studies.  (More...)

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Kennedy Center Arts Education Leadership Kit 

A resource for supporting the arts education leadership development needs of cultural organizations working in arts education, school district leaders, teaching artists, arts management students and other professionals.  (PDF, 222KB)

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Making the Case for Arts Education 

A summary of research and trends in arts education and how to use them to strengthen arts education programs prepared by the Ontario Arts Council / Conseil Des Arts De L’Ontario  (PDF, 995 KB)  


Musical Activities as a Cognitive Tool for the Blind Learner 

Adena Portowitz of Bar-Ilan University presents a case study on the impact of music activities on the cognitive abilities of the visually impaired.  (More...)  


Music in the Classroom 

Chris Boyd Brewer discusses ways to enhance the learning process through the use of music.  (More...)

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Stimulating the Brain and Senses Through Art 

This Washington State Arts Commission newsletter discusses a variety of topics including the use of arts education as a vehicle to stimulate the learning of various subjects and skills.  (PDF, 673 KB)

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