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Case Studies on Secondary Teachers

Within the framework of the regional project: Secondary Education Policy Research in Asia (SEPRA), Education Policy and Reform (EPR) Unit has initiated a regional comparative study to assess how countries in the region are responding to increasing demand to expand access to quality secondary education, with a focus on opportunities and challenges related to secondary teachers. Discussing secondary education from the angle of demand for and supply of teachers brings into focus concrete issues related to both access and quality of secondary education.


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Case studies on the Republic of Korea and Malaysia will be published and made available online soon.  The results of Lao PDR, China, Thailand, and a regional synthesis paper will be online at the end of 2009.

UNESCO Bangkok sponsored five in-depth country case studies on secondary teacher policies which served as a basis for a regional comparative analysis. The counties in East and South-East Asia invited to participate in the studies were Lao PDR, Malaysia, China, Thailand, and the Republic of Korea.

In order to share a wide range of experiences and expertise amongst the five country teams, three methodology workshops were organized by UNESCO Bangkok before the completion of the country specific work.

First Methodology Workshop

(Bangkok, Thailand; 30 October – 2 November 2006)

A first methodology workshop with national research teams from participating countries (China, Lao PDR, Malaysia, and Thailand) was organized to finalize the research design and lay out a common approach and schedule. The country case studies will be conducted following the common research framework prepared at the workshop and intermediate research findings will be shared at the next methodology workshop planned in March 2007.

Second Methodology Workshop


(Pattaya, Thailand; 21-23 March 2007)

Research teams from participating countries gathered for the second time to review and compare initial findings from their field research, share information on the methodology used, revise the outlines of the studies, and orient the drafting of the remaining part of the studies. Methodological aspects of three selected topics were given special attention: 1) mismatch of teacher demand and supply; 2) teacher compensation, and ; 3) quality of teachers.  It was agreed that further country research will focus around these three areas. The Republic of Korea became involved in the project after the workshop. 

Third Methodology Workshop


(Bangkok, Thailand; 11-14 December 2007)


The third and final workshop gave research teams the opportunity to critically review the final drafts of the country case studies, with a particular focus on  finalizing the content. Implications of the study findings, and possible lessons to draw for policy makers were discussed. The preparation of the regional comparative analysis was also initiated at this final workshop.

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