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GreenMetric World University Ranking by Universitas Indonesia

The GreenMetric World University Ranking is an initiative of Universitas Indonesia (UI) to promote sustainability at universities, including education for sustainability, and relevant policies and programmes for behaviour change.


The data are collected in the following 6 categories, each comprising of several indicators:

1)      Campus Setting and Infrastructure
2)      Energy Consumption and Climate Change Mitigation
3)      Waste Management
4)      Water Management
5)      Green Transportation
6)      Sustainability Education


The indicators for sustainability education are:

  • The ratio of the number of courses related to environment and sustainability offered to the total number of courses offered
  • The ratio of research funds dedicated to environmental and sustainability research to total research funds
  • Number of scholarly publications on environment and sustainability
  • Number of scholarly events related to environment and sustainability
  • Number of student organizations related to environment and sustainability
  • Existence of a university-run sustainability website


To discover the ranking for 2016, click hereUniversities can participate in the ranking by registering here; and participation is free of charge. 

To participate at the annual UI GreenMetric International Workshop in Turkey 9-1th April 2017, visit


Contact Information:
Office of UI GreenMetric
Integrated Laboratory and Research Center (ILRC) Building 4th Floor
University of Indonesia,
Kampus Baru UI Depok 16424, Indonesia
Phone: +62 21 786-3419