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Journal of Education for Sustainable Development Published in Association with Centre for Environment Education, India

The Journal of Education for Sustainable Development (JESD) seeks to provide an ongoing forum to share, analyze and examine thinking and practice in ESD; and to keep academics and practitioners abreast with the latest developments in the field. The scope of content is kept wide so as to cover all fields of formal and non-formal ESD. The journal shares how teachers and educators in diverse fields can facilitate learning that is multidisciplinary, cross-cutting and holistic while enabling learners to address issues of local as well as global importance. Additionally, it aims to strike a balance in the geographical focus by covering innovations and research right across the globe. The latest publication is Volume 10, Issue 2, from September 2016. The next volume will be published in March 2017. 


The journal specifically invites research articles on pioneering work in integrating ESD into disciplines in ways that challenge the traditional silo approach to education and practice. 


Find the full description of the journal and instructions for contributions on SAGE Publishing by clicking here. 



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Journal of Education for Sustainable Development 

Centre for Environment Education 

Nehru Foundation for Development 

Thaltej Tekra, 

Ahmedabad 380 054, India