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Welcome to the website of UNESCO Bangkok Internship Programme and Volunteers

UNESCO Bangkok offers an on-the-job training opportunity for graduate and post-graduate students worldwide to enhance their academic experience through practical work assignments as a part of the internship and volunteer programme.

Subject to submission of the application form, internship or volunteer assignments, generally ranges between 4 and 6 months and are not required to enroll full-time. Interns and volunteers are incorporated in the work as junior team members under the supervision of unit chiefs.

Interns should be enrolled in a post-graduate or graduate degree programme, in case of volunteers, they should be completed a graduate or post-graduate degree programme in a field relevant to the work of UNESCO e.g. education, social sciences, international relations, public administration, social media, journalism, media law, natural sciences or related fields.

Please be advised that internship/volunteer opportunities are undertaken on a voluntary basis. UNESCO does not have funding to cover international airfare to Bangkok, living stipend or consultancy fees. Remuneration and employment expectation are not offered. 

Eligible candidates can learn about our programme activities to explore the area activities that you may be interested and can apply your knowledge. 

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For successful candidates


1. Visa requirements 

The intern or volunteer is responsible for obtaining any necessary visas to enter Thailand.  We recommend that you consult the Thailand Immigration Bureau for the information on visa and entry requirements. 

2. Insurance

Our office will provide interns or volunteers with basic on-the-job insurance.

It is recommended to have additional health and travel insurance that is effective during your period of stay in Thailand.