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2nd Workshop on Telecollaboration and Project-based Learning to Reorient Teacher Education towards EFA and ESD, 2-4 October 2013, Holiday Inn, Bangkok, Thailand

Organized by

UNESCO Asia and the Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, Bangkok, Thailand


With the support of the Japanese Funds-in-Trust, UNESCO Bangkok has developed a project on Reorienting Quality Teacher Education towards EFA and ESD to enhance the capacity of teachers who play a major role in transmitting knowledge, values, principles and skills to their students. One component of the project is to assist teacher educators and teachers to integrate inclusive education, and ESD concepts and contents into their curriculum and teaching materials.

Recognizing the potential of information and communication technology (ICT) in enhancing the quality and reach of education, and within the framework of the project, UNESCO Bangkok organized a training workshop in November 2012 to introduce the principles of student-centred approach using project-based learning and telecollaboration to teacher educators and teachers. Encouraged to incorporate technology-enhanced pedagogies into their teaching practices, the participants developed group projects which they implemented after the workshop. They were linked through the Education Community portal managed and moderated by UNESCO Bangkok. Skype conferences were held for updates on the progress made and challenges faced.

The reports and feedback were encouraging, indicating a continuous interest and commitment among the participants in working collaboratively and applying technological tools to enhance student-centred learning. At the same time, UNESCO Bangkok sees an opportunity to raise the professional development of these “pioneers” to the next level, and in doing so, enable them to become the key resource people to promote EFA and ESD through the use of ICT in their own institutions and countries. As a result, UNESCO Bangkok is organizing the 2nd Workshop on Telecollaboration and Project-based Learning to Reorient Teacher Education towards EFA and ESD in October 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand, to follow-up on the results of the first workshop.

Objectives of the workshop

The specific objectives of this workshop are:

- Introduce and apply methodologies and tools for assessment of learning, e.g. 21st Century Learning Designs Rubric and Criteria for Project-based Learning;
- Facilitate collaboration among teacher educators and teachers by designing an ESD project, applying PBL principles and optimizing the use of ICT.
- Strengthen online community practice among teacher educators and teachers


The workshop will involve participants from the November 2012 workshop who have collaborated actively in implementing their joint projects. All local costs (accommodation and meals) will be covered by UNESCO Bangkok. Participants are expected to take care of their own travel costs. Under exceptional circumstances, limited support may be available on a case-by-case basis but participants must present a real need to justify this support.


2-4 October 2013


Holiday Inn, Bangkok, Thailand

Tentative programme

Day 1

- Introduction to 21st Century Learning Designs Rubric, Criteria for Project-based Learning
- Presentations of group projects


Day 2

- Presentations of group projects (contd.)
- Application of rubric to evaluate group projects


Day 3

- Development of an ESD telecollaboration project
- theme, methodologies, pedagogies, tools, software, communication media, etc.
- roles and responsibilities
- timeframe
- resources needed
- expected outcomes