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Ask her "How Will Education Help You Succeed in Life?"

Ideas Cube by UNGEI calls for people to mentor a young girl in their educational journey

Kin Gi, China aged 6

The East Asia Pacific UN Girls Education Initiative (UNGEI) joined 100 artists in the world’s first citywide ideas exhibition in Bangkok through the IDEACUBES initiative lead by the non-governmental organisation MySocialMotion.  

This project aims to inspire ordinary people to take the first step towards social responsibility.  The UNGEI cube is now displayed at Siam Discovery, 6th Floor.

The one cubic meter cube, designed by the regional UNGEI, is a collage of drawings from the 2011 UNGEI Drawing Contest.  The cube’s specific call for action is to, “Ask one boy and one girl in your community “how will education help you succeed in life?”  If they do not have an answer, help them find one”.  Alongside the beautiful drawings, each side also highlights various messages and facts related to gender equality in education.  There is also an interactive SMS/Facebook activity as part of the project asking passersby, "What is the most important feature of a high quality education for girls / boys?"




The cube will be displayed until the end of May 2012. If you are in Bangkok drop by and get inspired to act on promoting gender equality in education! 

UNGEI's vision i s a world where all girls and boys have equal access to free quality education. Find more information about the UNGEI network 
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