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Celebrating every day of Jazz and music

For Associate Professor Dr. Sugree Charoensook every day is a jazz day.

On 30 April of every year UNESCO observes International Jazz Day to raise awareness in the international community about the virtues of jazz. For Dr. Sugree, a Dean of College of Music, Mahidol University in Thailand, every day should be important for music.

"Everyday should become a big day for jazz or any kind of music.

"Celebrating one jazz day per year is a good initiative as it will encourage people to think about jazz and enjoy it.

"But for musicians one day cannot be more important than the other 364 days in a year. Every day as a musician you have to practice. If you skip one day of practice, you will find it difficult the next day, but if you practice today and every day, tomorrow when you practice your music, it will not be so difficult."

UNESCO recognizes jazz as an educational tool, a vehicle for peace, unity, dialogue, and for enhanced cooperation between peoples. It is seen as a medium to unite communities, schools and other groups all over the world to celebrate and learn more about the art of jazz and how it has become part of their culture.

In Dr. Sugree's view: "Music is a universal language. Music can bring people together. It can make people feel close to each other, love together, and smile together.

"Music is a vehicle from one mind to the other. Music is a medium. It links body and soul, people with people, friends with friends, and teachers with students. Music is a feeling."

But people have to be open, he said.

"Music is like food, which you have to taste, try, and experience to learn the differences. When you listen to another kind of music or you eat another kind of food, you don't have to like it but at least you learn the difference.

"Music can easily make friends.

"Here [at the music college] music is present every day and music is for everyone. Music is life and is a circle of daily life. People who come here look happy. You can see from their faces. They smile to each other.

"I live here and I see it everyday."

For Dr. Sugree himself every breath of his is music.

"Jazz is just one kind of music. I love all and enjoy all performances. I listen to any music in my daily life.

"Music is part of me. My every breath is music. I speak with music, I sleep with music, I work with music and I enjoy music.

"I don't know if music makes me different from others. But I know that at least I know the difference, I accept the difference. I know I am not like you and they are not like me but at least I accept that we are different."

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By Rojana Manowalailao, UNESCO Bangkok