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ICT Transforming Education - A Regional Guide

by Jonathan Anderson

Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2010, 120 p.

This guide is designed to equip teachers and teacher educators with the competencies and resources to use ICT to transform their practices and practices of their schools and education system. Written for teachers, teacher educators, heads of schools, administrators and Ministry ICT coordinators in the Asia-Pacific region, it draws upon the best practices and lessons learnt in the region. Short “snapshots” written for this Guide by innovative teachers and teacher educators in the region are included to show how ICT are being used to transform education practice.

The 12 chapters in this regional Guide may be categorised into several broad but interdependent components. In the first (Chapters 1-3), a firm basis for ICT in education is provided: what ICT are, what the impact of ICT are on schools, on teaching, on learning, on the world of work, and the new kinds of skills that students need for life in the 21st century. The next component (Chapters 4 and 5) presents models and frameworks that clarify what e-learning comprises and help chart the stages of ICT integration that schools and systems have reached. The third component (Chapters 6 and 7) draws on the models and frameworks to examine how students may be assessed in ICT-mediated learning environments and how the effectiveness of using ICT in education may be evaluated and monitored. The fourth component (Chapters 8-11) focuses on ICT tools for e-learning and provides a range of readily-available ICT resources and applications that may be used in schools and classrooms in developing countries. Most if not all the resources and Web 2.0 applications reviewed are available without a charge. The final chapter draws these various components together by describing ways of supporting teachers in transforming education.

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