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Regional Workshop: Advocacy Guides for Promoting Inclusive Teacher Education in Asia-Pacific


The Regional Workshop “Advocacy Guides for Promoting Inclusive TeacherEducation in Asia-Pacific” took place on 5-7 June 2013 in Bangkok. The workshop brought together 40 policy-makers, teacher educators, and experts in the field of inclusive education and teacher education in the region to exchange ideas and experience on how inclusive education can be better advocated for in pre-service teacher education systems.

The workshop continues from a series of UNESCO Bangkok’s past activities aimed at improving and strengthening teacher education in the Asia-Pacific region towards the development of more inclusive and quality education systems. Starting from a multi-country review and situation analysis of pre-service teacher education systems in eight countries in the region during 2008 and 2009 (Round 1), followed by a follow-up in-depth review during 2010 and 2011 (Round 2), and a few workshops and expert meetings, recently UNESCO Bangkok has published the “Promoting Inclusive Teacher Education: Advocacy Guides” based on the findings from the reviews and inputs from previous workshops.

The Advocacy Guides is a series of five guides designed to bridge the gap between the wealth of knowledge about inclusive education and teacher education collected through the multi-country review, and the use that is made of such knowledge in decision-making processes which lead to transformations in practice. They discuss challenges and barriers to inclusive education in different areas of teacher education and outline ideas for advocates to consider and adapt according to their specific contexts for effective advocacy towards more inclusive practices.

Participants were familiarized with the core messages of the Advocacy Guides which could be a tool to help them bring about improvements in pre-service teacher education towards more inclusive education. At the end of the workshop, participants developed draft country-level adaptation plans of the Advocacy Guides to better fit their country’s national agendas and contexts.

Download the Advocacy Guides, workshop documents, presentations and photos.