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Launch of the 2012 Out-Of-School National Study in Sri Lanka

The National launch of Out-Of-School (OOSC) country study took place at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute on 25 June 2013. The Ministry of Education, UNICEF and UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) conducted a joint study on Out of School Children made possible by support from Australian AID (AusAID).

The study recommends provincial and community action to identify and support such children to get back in school, measures to end child labor as well as provisions to increase access for children with disabilities.

“This study is a good step to understand exactly who is out-of-school or at-risk of dropping out by analyzing the profile of out-of-school children. As the report recommends, it is important to improve of statistical system to regular use of data, available to researchers, planners and the public, is essential in order to monitor education initiatives and ensure achievement and challenges of Education for All goals,” added Shailendra Sigdel, UIS Statistical Advisor for South Asia.

This workshop brought together staff from the Ministries of Education, Child Development and Social Services and  civil society to  showcase innovations to reach vulnerable children and  agree on specific actions to meet the national goals of compulsory education for all children.

Download Country report: out-of –school children in Sri Lanka