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The 2nd World Conference on Arts Education, 25-28 May 2010, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Following the ongoing preparation through numerous initiatives across the world, this conference in Seoul aims to promote and to reinforce the value of quality arts education for all, in developing a capacity for creativity in the 21st century for youth and all generation.

The significance and value of arts education has already been underlined and expressed in the "Road Map for Arts Education", resulting from the First World Conference on Arts Education held in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2006. It is now the time to focus on encouraging the implementation of the "Road Map". Furthermore, this new global encounter in Seoul of art education actors will target to highlight the socio-cultural dimensions of arts education and reinforce research and knowledge of practices, ensuing from new conceptual and methodological tools. 

The aim is that the Conference results in raising further awareness of the role, which arts education can play in all countries, in favour of communities and people of all conditions, in the spirit of peace and in respect of cultural diversity. In consequence, we expect to strengthen the will to make arts education even more creative and effective in the world of today and tomorrow.

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