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Parenting Education Videos Released!

Nine videos containing key messages and good practice related to parenting education based on the recent  UNESCO Bangkok’s publications Parenting Education Guidebook and Facilitators’ Handbook for Parenting Education, are released now! 

These videos are additional resources for community-based parenting education programmes for parents, families, caregivers and other community members, so that they acquire appropriate knowledge and skills to provide holistic Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) to their children. 

Thanks to the participants of the Asia-Pacific drawing contest 2012 “What is a good early childhood?”. Some of their drawings are included in the videos. 


Video 1: Caring for children (3.51 min)
 This video clip highlights what responsibilities everyone in the family and the community has for the health and safety of babies and young children.


Video 2: A child is born (3.41 min)
 This video clip focuses on pregnancy and on the health and care of the mother and baby before, during and after the birth with special emphasis on breastfeeding. 


Video 3: The developing child (3.28 min)
 This video clip emphasises expectations for development at various ages, together with suggestions for ways parents can help their children to reach their developmental potential.


Video 4: Health and nutrition (4.45 min)
 This video clip covers the main risks to the health of young children, together with ways of preventing diseases. The importance of adequate nutritious food for children is also presented here. 


Video 5: Play in the lives of children (3.17 min)
 This video clip shows how play supports all areas of children’s learning and development. There are practical tips on activities which can be done with the children. 


Video 6: The many languages of children (3.17 min)
 This video clip looks at the many different ways that babies and young children communicate and also emphasizes the importance of children using their mother tongue. 


Video 7: Young children’s behaviour (3.09 min)
 This video clip gives information on young children’s behaviour and what behaviour is reasonable to expect at different ages. The importance of using positive approaches rather than harsh punishment is emphasized. 


Video 8: Children with disabilities (3.44 min)
 This video clip calls on families and communities to respect all children specially children with disabilities and include them along with everyone in family and community life. 


Video 9: Going to school (3.03 min)
 This video clip suggests how parents, families and others in the community can work together to make school a successful and enjoyable experience for all young children.  






Parenting Education Guidebook provides essential, practical information about ECCE for all caregivers, including parents, grandparents, siblings and community members





Facilitators’ Handbook for Parenting Education is for the facilitators who will guide the parenting education programmes





Resource Pack has also been prepared to provide ideas and suggestions that would help the implementers of parenting education programmes who decide to adapt and use UNESCO Bangkok’s Guidebook and Handbook (e.g. governments, NGOs etc.).


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