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Promoting Quality Learning through Enhanced Multigrade Teaching in the Asia-Pacific Region

21-23 April 2014, Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit 22, Thailand

Countries in the Asia and Pacific region have millions of people living in scattered, very thinly populated highlands, mountainous regions and small inhabited islands. These geographic factors combined with demographic and economic factors pose access and quality challenges in education. In these areas, education is often provided through small and incomplete schools which have low student enrolment, scarcity of resources and support, and shortage of teachers to cover the required grade levels. Even in urban areas in many parts of the region, public schools are becoming smaller due to changing demographics and parental preferences to send their children to private schools. In this context, multigrade teaching, a teaching of students of different ages, grades and abilities in the same group by a single teacher, becomes the only available option for providing education to children.


  • To ensure common understanding among the country research teams regarding the conceptual and methodological aspects of policy research on multigrade teaching within the framework of the “Promoting Quality Learning through Enhanced Multigrade Teaching in the Asia-Pacific Region” project;
  • To raise awareness on the current situation of multigrade teaching in participating countries;
  • To develop data collection instruments ensuring appropriateness and relevance to the country’s context and discuss possible adaptation/contextualization of the regional research framework and protocol;
  • To strengthen capacity of the country research teams in designing and undertaking analytical work on multigrade teaching;
  • To develop country specific work plans for the research process in accordance with the regional research guidelines.

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