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Repetition and drop-out remain stumbling blocks to universal primary education

Entitled Opportunities Lost: The Impact of Grade Repetition and Early School Leaving, the Digest presents a wide range of UIS data and indicators to better identify the millions of children that are falling through the cracks in education systems and leaving school, often without being able to read or write.  

“The world has just a few short years to make good on the promise to fulfill every child’s right to primary education by 2015. The data in the Digest show that school systems are reaching more children but losing them due to inefficiencies, which lead to grade repetition and early school leaving. It is far more difficult and costly to reach children once they leave school than to address the barriers and bottlenecks in the systems,” said Hendrik van der Pol, UIS Director.

The Digest reports that in 2010, nearly 13.3 million children in South and West Asia were not in school. For the same year, 6.6 million children were out-of-school in East Asia and the Pacific and 300,000 in Central Asia. The Digest emphasizes that while many of these out-of-school children may have had exposure to formal schooling, a range of circumstances forced them to leave school. Conversely, some may start late and many will never enter school.  

The report is complemented by an online interactive tool allowing users to visualize repetition and dropout rates by grade in the region and country of their choice.  

Download the 2012 GED (PDF)

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