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Salon trainings create income for communities in Timor-Leste



Vocational life skills trainings on Hair Cutting and Beauty Skills was held at the Community Learning Centers (CLCs) in Ililapa (Lore 2, Los Palos, Lautem District, Timor-Leste) and in Kraras (Viqueque District, Timor-Leste) on 3-14 December 2012 in close cooperation with Public Senior Secondary Vocational School No. 4 Mataram and UNESCO Office, Jakarta. A similar training was held at the CLC in Fatumasi (Bazartete, Liquica District, Timor-Leste) on 18-29 September 2012. The trainings benefitted 62 participants comprising of approximately 13 males and 49 females young adults, who were equipped with knowledge and skills on hair cutting, hair treatment, and facial care that they can implement in helping the CLC to generate better income for its members. The trained participants would sequentially be responsible to continuously implement the livelihood activity at the CLC. In addition, these trainings also developed capacities of the participants to become entrepreneurs who would be able to create their own jobs by doing "door-to-door salon service". The CLCs were each provided with 2 facial beds; 2 bathtubs; 3 cutting tables; 2 steamers; 3 trolleys; and cosmetic supplies for 6 months services. These salon materials and equipments have been installed at the CLCs. The salons had been officially launched and opened. Since its opening, the salons continue to attract a high number of customers who receive professional services at a modest charge. The communities were also pleased to have this service in their own community that can serve five villages surrounding the CLCs. It has succeeded in functioning as an income generating livelihood activity for the CLCs, supporting it to be a self-reliant, self-sustainable, and people empowered community learning centres.

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