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Seeing the world through the young eyes

Children can surprise us in so many ways. When we ask them what they want most for this New Year, some of their answers may simply stop and make the world think.






Thitari Wittayathawornwong, 8, Thailand

“I want no teacher giving homework to the kids. I want the new ipad. I want no bad guys in the world and no snakes in the world. I want everyone to be happy because I love you.”






Kaede, Miyazawa, 10, Japan

“The thing I want to have this year is to go to Disney Land and stay there for two nights and three days. The other thing I want is no death or health problems in my family. The last thing I want is peace for the whole entire world. This might not be possible. Last year I saw lots news about deaths caused by manmade disasters.”







William McGowan, 9, Australia

“I want a person to come to my house and give me a Lamborghini and a driver’s license.”








Pantakarn Taechajaroenwong, 13, Thailand

“This New Year I want my family to have a good health. Now that my grandmother is sick and she can’t move. She can only talk and eat.”








Genevieve McGowan, 6, Australia

“I want to give all the poor people enough food to eat.”






Sohta, Miyazawa, 10, Japan

“I want to play with my cousin and have a sleep over with them. I hope I can travel somewhere with my family. I want to get new skills, for example, time management and concentration. I wish I can have a nice peaceful and happy year with my family and my friends.”







Hyeahn Kim, 5, Korea

“I want to have many kinds of Transformer robot toys this year.”






By Kanit Teerathumaskul, UNESCO Bangkok