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UNESCO to Strengthen Education Quality Monitoring in Asia-Pacific

UNESCO Bangkok is to host a meeting on 27-28 March 2013 to constitute and plan a regional network for education quality monitoring in the Asia-Pacific Region (tentatively called NEQMAP). The aim of the NEQMAP is to provide a regional platform for countries in the Asia-Pacific region to reflect, debate and share experience, lessons learnt and best practice in monitoring educational quality.

The meeting will allow for information sharing on current practices of monitoring educational quality in the region and issues encountered as well as on existing collaborative initiatives on the issue. The principle goal of the meeting is to establish the NEQMAP and to chart its future directions. Potential activities of the network could include the establishment of a regional knowledge sharing platform, collaborative research on a range of topics regarding education quality monitoring, capacity building, promotion of exchanges between countries and collective mobilization of resources. In implementing these and other activities, the network is expected to increased cooperation and partnership in this area in the context of regional economic integration and beyond.

Experts and researchers from education institutes, think tanks and Ministries of Education in Australia, Hong Kong SAR, India, Nepal, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation and Thailand, along with other countries, are expected to participate in the meeting. Representatives from regional institutions including SPBEA, SEAMEO, as well as experts from UN sister agencies (UNICEF, UNESCAP) will also share their experience in regional work for the monitoring of educational quality.

The establishment of this network represents a key step forward in terms of regional collaboration on education quality monitoring issues. With the discourse around a post-2015 education agenda being increasingly framed around the quality of learning, this network is expected to major contribution to future education debates in the region.

For more information, please contact Ramya Vivekanandan [r.vivekanandan(at)] at the Education Policy and Reform Unit

Written by Wei Zhang [w.zhang(at)]