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Voices UNESCO in Asia and the Pacific, February 2014

Issue 54 | ISSN: 2075-5147 - Special Edition for UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation

The 2014 Heritage Awards entry dossier, including project guidelines and regulations are now available in 中文 and 한국어.


Lessons towards safeguarding Asia-Pacific’s rich cultural heritage

The challenges for sustaining and managing heritage sites are intensifying across the Asia-Pacific region, parts of which are under serious threats. Pressures from rapid urbanisation, natural catastrophes to war and political conflicts are making our heritage buildings, landscapes and settlements ever more vulnerable to loss and destruction. It has become clear that in order to safeguard our region's heritage, the conservation of these unique sites should be a responsibility shared by government and civil society.

A new lease of life: Contemporary architecture within historic contexts

In 2005, UNESCO launched the Jury Commendation for Innovation. The Jury Commendation recognizes newly-built structures which demonstrate outstanding architectural design that are well-integrated into historic contexts. 


Asia Conserved Series

Heritage Homeowner's Preservation Manuals

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