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Prayurawongsawas Worawihan Temple: Where Faith Meets Science

Bangkok, Thailand

The restoration of the historically significant chedi (reliquary stupa) and its attached hall has preserved one of Bangkok’s most iconic religious monuments, combining an act of faith with a major engineering feat.

The project has catalyzed extensive social impact in the multicultural historic district of Kadeejeen. In strengthening the interior structure while maintaining the external shell of the dramatically leaning chedi, the project demonstrated a sophisticated understanding of a unique architectural typology from the early Rattanakosin era. The technical interventions, combining the latest in scientific advances with traditional construction techniques, help to convey a sense of antiquity and feeling of age. 

The exemplary co-operation between the monks, specialists and locals has given a twenty-first century meaning to the age-old symbiosis between Buddhist monasteries and the lay community in sustaining a sacred complex as the centerpiece of neighbourhood life. 

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