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Asia-Pacific Regional Guide to Equivalency Programmes

To meet the goal of Education for All (EFA), it is necessary to provide education not only through formal education programmes, but also through non-formal education programmes to children, youth and adults who have not completed their basic education. Recognising this, a number of countries in Asia and the Pacific have established Non-Formal Education (NFE) systems that are linked to formal education through the use of Equivalency Programmes (EPs). Learners are given the flexibility to move between formal and non-formal channels of education at primary level, secondary level, and beyond.

This publication gathers experience and good practice developed in many countries in building and managing Equivalency Programmes. It is meant as practical guide for education policy makers, planners, managers and practitioners at national and sub-national levels to develop and manage such programmes. 


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Asia-Pacific Regional Guide to Equivalency Programmes
Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2012, 68 p. 

ISBN 978-92-9223-397-6 (Electronic version)