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Why Language Matters for the Millennium Development Goals (Brochure)

Thai version is available.


“It is increasingly being recognized that progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is not happening equitably. Many of the low-income communities in which more progress is needed live in complex language situations. Choosing the best language in which to engage with these marginalized communities is key to achieving the remaining MDGs.

In the most challenging contexts for the MDGs, many people do not speak a national or international language. Yet, when development initiatives in these contexts are implemented in people’s first languages, communities often create appropriate, sustainable solutions. This 6 page briefing document outlines how the use of people’s first languages helps communities choose appropriate solutions to make sustained progress towards each MDG.”

Download brochure [English] [Khmer] [Thai]


Why language matters for the Millennium Development Goals (Brochure)
(English, Khmer, Thai version)
Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2013, 6 p.



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Why Language Matters for the Millennium Development Goals