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UNESCO PROAP, Bangkok, 2001.

The handbook is prepared for facilitators working in literacy and continuing education programmes in the village, for example, the Community Learning Centre.

The content of the handbook is based on real stories from countries in Asia, aiming to provide facilitators with practical approaches and methods to help their day-to-day work. The handbook is primarily a self-learning material and can also be used as resource materials for training programmes.



'About This Handbook' and 'Suggestions for Developing of Local Versions of This Handbook' (78k)

Module 1:

Community mobilization, 32 pages (796K)

Module 2:

Identification of learning needs, 24 pages  (518K) 

Module 3:

Preparing lesson plans, 20 pages (390K)

Module 4:

Participatory learning, 40 pages (702K)

Module 5:

Using learning aids, 32 pages (967K)

Module 6:

Assessing learning, 32 pages (473K)

The handbook will be accompanied by a series of videotapes that briefly illustrate literacy and continuing education experiences in selected countries.


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