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UNESCO PROAP, Bangkok, 2001, 215p.

The manual is designed to identify and meet the training needs of countries in the Asia-Pacific, each with a different system of local governance and non-formal education programme. Consequently, the manual deals with the training requirements of LG representatives for providing and supporting NFE programmes and activities within the context of their own needs. It is encouraged that there is a widespread dissemination of the Manual and its adaptation.

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Table of contents (8K)
Preface (8K)
Introduction: Why this training Manual? (56K)

Module 1
Relationship between Literacy, Education and Development (492K)

Module 2
Role of Local Government in Education (940K)

Module 3
Supporting Non-Formal Education Programmes (1.1MB)

Module 4

Training LGR's: Purpose and Method (248K)

Module 5
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Techniques for Trainers (216K)


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