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2002, 26p.This guide is intended to facilitate the handling of activities in the Asia-Pacific Region about UNESCO International Project in Technical and Vocational Education (UNEVOC). The activities are concerned with the development and improvement of TVET. The guide is prepared for persons appointed to manage affairs of UNEVOC Centres and Associate Centres. Its UNEVOC Centres and UNEVOC Associate Centres in the Region. Some of the managers participated in a meeting of experts convened in September 2001 to validate the guidebook. The guide is not intended to treat in-depth any one aspect of the several subjects connected to TVET and UNEVOC.


Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Building the Capacity of a UNEVOC Centre or UNEVOC Associate Centre
Chapter Three: Development of TVET Systems and Strengthening of National Research and Development Capabilities
Chapter Four: Information, Communication and Networking


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