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FAO/UNESCO Seminar, Bangkok, Thailand, 5-7 November 20022002, Paris: UNESCO, International Institute for Education Planning. 164p.

This report largely follows the programme for the FAO/UNESCO Seminar on "Education for Rural Development", 5-7 November 2002. The report places the Seminar in perspective, identifies its objectives and design, and provides and outline of the inauguration of the Seminar. Five thematic considerations are reviewed, comprising: (i) EFA: addressing the rural challenge; (ii) Enhancing food security through education and training; (iii) Targeting rural poverty; (iv) Responding to the transformation of rural labour markets; and a special session on (v) HIV/AIDS in rural areas. The second part of the report includes selected seminar papers dealing with education and rural poverty, rural labour markets, natural resources management and food security. The programme, list of participants and the complete list of the seminar papers are included as Appendices.


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