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UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, 2003. 2 parts, 7 modules.

This handbook is prepared for dedicated people working with community-based organisations such as community learning centres (CLCs).

Contents (pdf, 111kb)

About this Handbook
(pdf, 17kb)

Part 1: Introducing Community Learning Centres (pdf, 228kb)

Part 2: Introduction: CLC Planning and Management (pdf, 152kb)
Part 2 consists of seven modules covering the seven main components of the planning and management of CLCs. This handbook will not address the component on local curriculum and materials development, because this included inthe NFE Facilitators's Handbook. CLC managers and committees can seek help from local school teachers or educational organisations in the vicinity to develop local curricula and materials that are appealing and appropriate for the community.

Module One: Understanding the Community and Undertaking Needs Assessment (pdf, 458kb)

Module Two: Planning and Organising CLC Activities (pdf, 323kb)

Module Three: Mobilising and Management Resources (pdf, 230kb)

Module Four: Networking and Linkage (pdf, 141kb)






Module Five: Monitoring and Evaluation (pdf, 276kb)

Module Six: Documentation and Dissemination (pdf, 152kb)

Module Seven: Capacity Building (pdf, 300kb)


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