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Ten Steps for establishing a sustainable Multipurpose Community Telecentre (MCT) is intended to assist comunities to walk through the basic requirements which need to be addressed when setting out to open and operate a successful MCT. It is a generic process only.


User Guide (PDF, 208KB)

Step One: Getting Started (PDF, 228KB)
(download slide click here)

Step Two: Holding and Open Community Meeting (PDF, 214KB)
(download slide click here)

Step Three: Management (PDF, 147KB)

Step Four: Staff Appointments (PDF, 185KB)

Step Five: Services and Programmes (PDF, 290KB)

Step Six: Building and Equipment (PDF, 289KB)

Step Seven: The Planning Process (PDF, 182KB)

Step Eight: Financial Management (PDF, 156KB)

Step Nine: Operating Procedures (PDF, 167KB)

Step Ten: Customer Service and Promotional Issues (PDF, 174KB)


Download PDF file