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Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok. 2004, 130p.ISBN 92-9223-033-6

This publication examines the positive and negative impacts of tourism in Luang Prabang and suggests a strategy for managing tourism in this World Heritage town. This book will assist tourism planners and managers to work with local residents and other stakeholders to find a successful balance in which the needs and aspirations of the community are fulfilled, while the resources on which they and the tourism industry depend are protected. This publication will also be of interest to all those teaching or studying Sustainable Tourism.


Acknowledgements (pdf, 38KB)

Foreword (pdf, 36KB)

Introduction to Luang Prabang: A Special and Fragile Place (pdf, 280KB)

Part I: Heritage and Preservation in Luang Prabang


A. Understanding the Heritage of Luang Prabang



Community Life
Natural, Built and Cultural Heritage


B. Heritge Preservation in Luang Prabang



Heritage Preservation so far Preservation Issues and Efforts

Part II:Tourism Impacts and Management in Luang Prabang


C. Tourism Issues and Impacts in Luang Prabang



Tourism in Luang Prabang
Assessing the Impacts of Tourism


D. Designing A Management Strategy for Tourism in Luang Prabang



Existing Tourism Management
Destination Management Models
Identifying and Organizing Stakeholders
Tourism Planning
Product Development
Management Strategies
Monitoring and Evaluation

Future Directions




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