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Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok. 2004, 103p.ISBN 92-9223-014-X

This final report is the first Lao National Literacy Survey (LNLS) that was conducted by the Ministry of Education (Department of Non-formal Education) in 2001 as the follow-up to the EFA 2000 Assessment. It covered 8100 households in 136 out of a total of 142 districts in all 18 provinces. Technical support, including hands-on training and capacity building, was provided by UNESCO Bangkok. UNICEF Vientiane and UNESCO Bangkok provided financial support to complement the resources allocated to the survey by the Ministry of Education.


Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Survey objectives, background and methodology
Chapter 2: Country/population profile: General description of the sample population
Chapter 3: Review of the status of schooling and educational attainment
Chapter 4: Literacy
Chapter 5: Summary findings and conclusions
Selected Bibliography
Appendix 1: Survey questionnaire: household roster
Appendix 2: Survey questionnaire: in-depth questionnaire
Appendix 3: Testing literacy skills on small sample of primary students
Appendix 4: List of LNLS surveyors at national level
Appendix 5: List of LNLS surveyors at provincial level


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