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Bangkok: Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO); UNESCO Bangkok, 2004, 63 p.ISBN 92-9223-040-9

This report reviews the status and progress made by the countries of the Southeast Asian region towards achieving the six EFA goals since the on-set of the new millennium. It represents the most recent data on core basic education indicators for 2000-2001, updating the EFA 2000 assessment and extending it in important respects. In particular, the report has been initiated jointly by UNESCO-SEAMEO as the first step in a long-term process in order to monitor and compare across the countries of this region the progress made in the provision of quality basic education as well as to improve data quality and data collection in the field of basic education.


Tables and Fitures
I. Introduction
II. Economic, Social and Demographic Overview
III. Education for All: Status and Progress
IV. Education for All: Issues and Challenges
V. Conclusions
VI. Annexes


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