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Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok; Vancouver: Commonwealth of Learning, 2004, 250 p.ISBN 92-9223-020-4

This toolkit arose from the need to provide a recipe book or a blueprint for the pilot schools of the UNESCO project to establish or strengthen schoolnets in Southeast Asia at the national and sub-regional levels. The project entitled, "Strengthening Use of ICTs in Schools and Schoolnet in Southeast Asian Countries", funded by the Japanese Funds in Trust and the ASEAN Foundation, is aimed at: a) exploring and demonstrating how ICT can be used in schools to improve the quality of education and better prepare youth for the demands of the Knowledge Society; b) testing innovative models of ICT use in schools and in other places of learning; and c) improving connectivity and access to the wealth of educational resources through the establishment of a SchoolNets in Southeast Asia. It will establish or strengthen national schoolnet in eight countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDF, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philipines, Thailand, Vietnam) as well as connect them to a sub-regional schoolnet hub.


Preface (56KB)
About the Schoolnet Toolkit (54KB)
Abbreviations, Acronyms and Glossary (46KB)
Guidebook 1: ICTs in Education and Schoolnets (137KB)
Guidebook 2: Planning Schoolnet Programmes (481KB)
Guidebook 3: Implementing Schoolnet Programmes (888KB)
Guidebook 4: Practitioner's Guide (280KB)
References (53KB)


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