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Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of APEIDBangkok: UNESCO Bangkok. 2004, 144p.ISBN 92-9223-036-0


Chapter 1 : Background and Summary of Proceedings
Chapter 2 : Opening Ceremony: Introductory Addresses
Chapter 3: Raja Roy Singh Lecture
Chapter 4: Educational Innovations for Sustainable Social, Economic and Cultural Development
Chapter 5: Quality Education for All-Round Human Development
Chapter 6: Strengthening Partnership and Networking for Innovation: Revitalisation of the APEID Network as a Regional Co-opertion Programme
Chapter 7: Closing Session
Chapter 8: Educational Innovation at the Grassroots Level

Annex 1: Schedule of Activities
Annex 2: Citations for UNESCO-APEID Awards
Annex 3: Reflections of Conference Consultant


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