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UNESCO-JICA International Symposium on Non-formal Education to Promote EFA and Lifelong Learning, Tokyo, Japan 13-14 October 2004.Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2005, 84 p.ISBN 92-9223-066-2



Chapter 1: Public Open Forum
1. Directions and Strategies in Non-formal Education
2. Community-Based Approaches to NFE
3. Panel Discussions of Regional NFE Experts

Chapter 2: Expert Forum
1. The Role of Non-formal Education in Lifelong Learning
2. Health and HIV/AIDS
3. Income Generation for Rural Development
4. Environmental Education for Sustainable Development
5. Wrap-up of the Experts Forum

Annex 1: Opening Remarks
Annex 2: List of Speakers
Annex 3: Provisional Progrmme


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