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Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2005, 220p.ISBN 92-9223-052-2


Part 1: Outcomes of the Workshop
Chapter 1: Overview on the Use of Local Language in Education in South-East Asia
Chapter 2: Project Overview and Country Summary Reports
Chapter 3: Community Mobilization and Identification of Learning Needs
Chapter 4: Developing Minority Language Writing Systems
Chapter 5: Developing Teching/Learning Materials and Graded Reading Materials
Chapter 6: Field Visit and Reflections on Observation of Pilot Programme
Chapter 7: Training for Facilitators of Community-based Literacy Programmes
Chapter 8: Strategies and Tools for Evaluation
Chapter 9: Strategies for Government Policy and Sustainability

Part II: Resource Papers and Full Country Reports

Annex 1: Workshop Programmes
Annex 2: List of Participants


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