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edited by Fay Gale and Stephanie Fahey Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2005, 220p. ISBN 92-9223-059-X


Part I: Youth in Transition: Changing Concepts of Youth

  • Youth in Asia: An Overview
  • Youth, Cultures and Societies in Transition: The Challenges of Growing up in a Globalized World
  • Global Cultural Change and Young People's Well-being
  • Globalisation and an Epidemic: The Consequences of HIV/AIDS for Young People
  • A Demographic View of Changing Youth in Asia
  • Generational Change and Cyberpolitics in Asia

Part II: Youth in Transition: Case Studies of Asian Youth

  • Indigenous Australian Young Peoples: The Winds of Change
  • Are Youth Moving Forward? A Bangladesh Perspective
  • Government Policies and Programs for Youth Development in India
  • Youth Migration and Change in Indonesia
  • Youth in the Japanese Society
  • Malaysian Youth
  • The Only-Child Generation
  • The Filipino Youth Today
  • Online Games Dynamics in Korean Society
  • Demographic and Economic Pressures to Move: Youth Aspirations and Livelihood Opportunities for Youth in the Liberal Economic Environment of Sri Lanka
  • Monitoring the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Thailand
  • Vietnam's Youth in Transition


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