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Publications 2006

Guidelines for Implementing, Monitoring and Evaluating Gender Responsive EFA Plans
UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, 2004, 40 p.  (Second Printing, April 2006)
ISBN: 92-9223-009-3


Kathmandu Valley World Heritage site, Nepal: Advice for Maintenance of Historic Houses in the Kathmandu Valley: Heritage Homeowner's Preservation Manual
by Rohit K. Ranjitkar
Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok; Kathmandu: UNESCO Kathmandu. 2006. 135 p. English; Nepali
ISBN 99946-2-116-5


Empowering Information Professionals: A Training Programme on Information and Communication Technology
Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2006, 9 modules.

This training programme is intended for people working in libraries and information centers. The nine-modules progrmme aims to provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to deal with the application of ICTs in library and information services. It is also intended for students and teachers of Library and Information Science.

Educational Statistical Capacity Building Programme to Support the Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Diagnostic Report
by The National Technical Committee on Education, Ministry of Education (P&P) Wing, Government of Pakistan.
Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2006, 94 p.

APPEAL Resource Pack for Literacy and Continuing Education.
Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2006, various paging., 11 CDs.
ISBN 92-9223-085-9

Equivalency Programmes (EPs) for Promoting Lifelong Learning
Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2006, 50 p.
ISBN 92-9223-096-4

Designing Training Programmes for EIU and ESD: A Trainer's Guide
Bangkok: UNESCO. 2006. 37 p.
ISBN 92-9223-091-3

Advocacy Brief: Education in Emergencies: The Gender Implications
Bangkok: UNESCO. 2006. 12 p. (Second printing 2008)
ISBN 92-9223-092-1

Principles of Awareness-Raising for Information Literacy: A Case Study
Bangkok: UNESCO. 2006. 114 p.
ISBN 92-9223-082-4

Getting Girls Out of Work and Into School: Policy Brief
by Nancy Spence
Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2006, 19 p. (Second Printing December 2008)
ISBN 92-9223-089-1

Using ICT to Develop Literacy.
Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2006, 53 p.
ISBN 92-9223-088-3

Higher Education in South-East Asia.
Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2006, 254 p.
ISBN 92-9223-084-0

UNESCO-APQN Toolkit: Regulating the Quality of Cross-border Education.
Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2006, 70 p.
ISBN 92-9223-087-5

Resource Pack: Improving Learning Opportunities for Street Children

Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, Mainla: Childhope Asia, 2006, 20 p. (including CD-ROM for resources material)

The Impact of Women Teachers on Girls' Education: Advocacy Brief.
Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2006, 7 p. (Third Printing October 2008)
ISBN 92-9223-080-8

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Gender Equality in Classroom Instruction: Introducing Gender Training for Teachers in the Republication of Korea. Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2006, 41 p.

ISBN 92-9223-078-66

Development of Information Literacy through School Libraries in South-East Asian Countries.
Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2006, 12 p.
(IFAP Project 461RAS5027)

EFA Mid-Decade assessment: Meeting Report - 7th Annual EFA Coordinators Meeting / EFA Mid-Decade Assessment Planning Meeting, 24-29 October 2005, Bangkok, Thailand.
Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2006, 90 p.
ISBN 92-9223-081-6