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by Richard Sayers Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2006, 114 p.ISBN 92-9223-082-4

In a world of interactive communication flow, the awareness-raising makes possible the mutual understanding and the development of competencies and skills in order to ensure the permanent exchange of information. The manual provides guidelines for developing process of awareness-raising focusing on global efforts to promote awareness of Information Literacy.



Chapter 1: Introduction to Communication and Awareness-Raising
Further Reading

Chapter 2: Planning an Awareness-Raising Campaign
Further Reading

Chapter 3: Approaches to Awareness-Raising
Personal Communication; Mass Communication; Education; Public Relations (PR); Advocacy; Further Reading.

Chapter 4: Awareness-Raising for Special Audiences
Further Reading

Chapter 5: Information Literacy - Setting the Scene
Further Reading

Chapter 6: Raising Awareness of Information Literacy
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Appendix 1: Communication in Practice - "Pass-it-on"
Appendix 2: Awareness-Raising Campaign Plan Template
Appendix 3: Empowering Eight Information Literacy Model


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