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Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2007, 440 p.ISBN 92-9223-117-0This book was officially launched at the Phra Racha Wang Derm Palace, 2004 winner of the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award of Merit, on 16 August 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand. The book has been published with the primary support of the Lord Wilson Heritage Trust, with contributions from UNESCO Beijing, UNESCO Islamabad, UNESCO Jakarta and UNESCO Phnom Penh. (Press release for the launch, pdf 38KB).

posterSpanning diverse cultures and building traditions, Asia Conserved: Lessons Learned from the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation 2000-2004 presents a panoramic survey of the wealth of architectural heritage in the region and provides a blueprint for concerted action on the part of private citizens and governments alike in its conservation.

Presented in case study format, this book showcases best conservation practices achieved by winning projects in the first five years of the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards programme. The projects encompass a range of building typologies, from fortified palaces to vernacular residences, ornate houses of worship to utilitarian factories, elegant engineering works to urban districts. From the case studies are derived important lessons that show how strong public-private partnerships and innovative grassroots initiatives can create a powerful platform for the protection of the historic built environment in such diverse places as the ancient cities of Central Asia, the cultural landscapes and historic precincts of South Asia, the port settlements of South-East Asia and the urban centres of East Asia.

Through colour photographs, architectural illustrations and detailed narratives, profiles of the Award-winning projects guide the reader in the approaches taken to resolve challenging technical, economic, social and political issues. Technical briefs, contributed by the conservators themselves, provide in-depth solutions to critical conservation problems. Bridging theory and practice, essays authored by the distinguished jury members provide a cross-cutting analysis of the body of conservation knowledge emerging from the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards programme.

Aimed at a broad audience of conservation architects, heritage professionals, decision-makers, heritage homeowners, scholars, students and the concerned general public, the publication will serve as an invaluable reference for safeguarding the monumental and vernacular heritage of the Asia-Pacific region and contributing to its sustainable future.


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