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Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2007, 39 p. ISBN 978-92-9223-129-3 (Print Version)ISBN 978-92-9223-130-9 (Electronic Version)

The UNESCO Asia-Pacific ICT in Education programme began in 2002, in recognition of the need for a comprehensive and informed approach to integrating ICT into education. This programme, supported principally by Japanese Funds-in-Trust, seeks to identify the advantages of using ICT in education, the possible pitfalls involved in acquiring and utilizing ICT, the pre-conditions for their successful use, and the most effective approaches for integrating ICT into education in the Asia-Pacific context. In addition, the programme aims to empower learners, teachers, educators, managers and leaders to use ICT judiciously and effectively for expanding learning opportunities and ensuring educational quality and relevance. The programme also aims to facilitate wider access to ICT among teachers and learners in the Asia-Pacific region.

This publication, ICT in Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Progress and Plans, provides an overview of the projects, activities, progress and plans of the UNESCO Asia-Pacific ICT in Education programme. The publication also introduces the programme’s key partners and invites the collaboration of new partners to share in achieving the programme’s objectives.


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