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Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2008. v + 195 pp.ISBN 978-92-9223-221-4 (Electronic version)



  • The importance of knowledge development in bioethics education
  • Ethical education in the medical curriculum – interns’ perspectives
  • Development of case study materials for teaching research ethics
  • Bioethics education in tertiary settings: The University of Malaya experience
  • Ethical views of first-year medical and nursing students in a joint bioethics course
  • Bioethics education in Pakistan: challenges and prospects
  • Knowledge of bioethics among postgraduate trainees of a medical university in Southern Pakistan: Do we need to teach Bioethics?
  • Ethics curriculum for postgraduates in obstetrics and gynaecology: How I see it
  • Teaching ethics and humanities to medical students in Sri Lanka: A multi-cultural approach
  • Ethics in paramedical studies - mapping a new agenda
    To accomplish the life education mission through bioethics courses in a medical school in Taiwan
  • Biomedical ethics education in post-communist Eastern Germany
  • Teaching moral values for high school students in the Indian context
  • Environmental education and eco-ethics – current trends in education
  • Value Education: Treasure of a Nation
  • Bioethics education trials at Ateneo De Manila High School in the Philippines in 2004-2005
  • This year’s flowers are redder than last year - a brief introduction of the bioethics project in the High School affiliated to Beijing Normal University in 2003-2005
  • The actualities and prospect of bioethics education in a Chinese middle school
  • To treasure your life, refuse drugs
  • Organ transplants and organ donation
  • Responses to bioethics education in selected schools in Tamil Nadu, India
  • International approaches to evaluation of bioethics education
  • Content analysis of bioethics reports
  • Teaching Compassion
  • Can formal education promote beneficence?
  • Bioethics: Love of life through the knowledge of chanting for health and peace
  • An earnest appeal: We need spirituality in medical education
  • Perspectives on sex education
  • Toward Successful Bioethics Education
  • Changes in bioethics education in Japan, with special comments on medical ethics education in Japan during World War II
  • Current status of ethics education at agricultural universities in Japan
  • Bioethics as a challenge
  • L’enseignement De L’ethique De La Science Et De La Technologie Dans Les Universites Africaines
  • Joint plan of action for regional networking in bioethics education towards better bioethics education
  • Discussion
  • About the Contributors

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