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Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2008. v + 147 pp.ISBN 978-92-9223-220-7 (Electronic version)



  • Is there a need or space for gene technology ethics: An Australian perspective
  • Governance of biotechnology in the state of Victoria, Australia
  • The Transgenic Thai Papaya story: A Milestone Towards Thailand Becoming a Biotech Crop Country
  • Benefits and ethical limits of biotechnology
  • An analytical framework for understanding the ethics of agricultural biotechnology
  • Ethics of the use of genetic control methods for infectious disease
  • Japanese attitudes towards genetically modified mosquitoes
  • Benefits and ethical limits of transgenic animals
  • Biobanking and ethnic monitoring
  • Human biobanks - trustees and some aspects of the current discussion, especially in Germany
  • Protection of genetic data in medical genetics: A legal analysis in the European framework
  • Biobanks and the Notion of Justice in Health
  • Is the era of the therapy by tailor-made stem cell coming?
  • The regulation of stem cell technology - international approaches to restriction or permission
  • Ethical issues in ‘ethical guidelines for research on human embryonic stem cells’ in China
  • What are the points in the human cloning debate? A view from the Buddhist religion
  • Shareholder-focused utilitarianism support for corporate social responsibility
  • Discussion
  • About the contributors

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