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Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2008. vi + 108 pp.ISBN 978-92-9223-218-4 (Electronic version)



  • Ethical dimensions for sustaining our environment: A Pacific Island perspective
  • Land and people as the measure: A Pacific ethic of place and prudence
  • From biosphere to technosphere to biotechnosphere: the Indian scenario in an eco-ethical perspective
  • Ethical aspects of using international rivers: Some policy proposals for optimal sharing of Teesta River water
  • The theoretical foundations of neonaturalistic environmental bioethics
  • Can education in environmental ethics alone solve problems of loss of biodiversity in developing countries?
  • Inculcation of environment-friendly ethics as a prerequisite for sustainable development in Bangladesh
  • Applying ethics in a professional context: What can we hope to solve?
  • Awaiting liberation of animals from experimental clutches
  • Observations on environmental ethics, animal rights and culture
  • Whose critical engagement for eco-bioethics in the Information Age? Communication, logics and strategies of NGOs in ecological modernisation
  • Accountability, responsibility and biotechnology – concepts revisited for environmental ethics
  • Semantics and agro-environmental bioethics: epitomizing conceptual and perceptual domain of human realisation
  • Discussion
  • About the Contributors

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