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Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2008. vi + 115 pp.ISBN 978-92-9223-219-1 (Electronic version)



  • Controversy over Medical Futility
  • Bioethical Issues in Nursing
  • Impulse of Ethical Research in Life Science and Health Systems: Foundation for development in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Capacity Building of Research Ethics in China
  • Current State of Research Ethics in Developing Countries: Where Do We Stand?
  • Informed Consent in Health Research: Current State of Knowledge among Physicians in Bangladesh
  • Utilization of Traditional Knowledge and Support of Access to Health
  • Avoiding Biopiracy? Protecting Traditional Marshallese Medicinal Knowledge and Plants
  • Market-driven Biomedical Research: A Major Challenge to“Everyday Bioethics”
  • Social Discrimination and Health Disparity Across Generations: Are We Sufficiently Informed?
  • Islamic Codes in Medical Ethics
  • Gender Foeticide: Exploring Beyond Medical Ethics
  • Human Rights and Gender Equality
  • Organ Donation: The Bioethical and Sikh Perspective
  • Biomedicine - legal and ethical issues
  • Discussion
  • About the contributors

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