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Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2008, 49 p.ISBN: 978-92-9223-171-2 (Electronic version)


Overview of the Case Studies
1. AUSTRALIA: Strengthening Existing Networks
2. CHINA: Building on Environment, Population and Development Programme
3. INDIA: Developing Innovative Initiatives
4. INDONESIA: Addressing Disaster Preparedness through the Decade
5. IRAN: Emphasizing the Role of Universities
6. JAPAN: A Comprehensive Response to Changing Values and Lifestyles
7. REPUBLIC OF KOREA: Building ESD into National Sustainable Development Programmes
8. MONGOLIA: Building ESD through Formal and Non-Formal Education
9. NEW ZEALAND: Establishing a Common Vision
10. PAKISTAN: National Empowerment through Individual Commitment
11. THAILAND: Advancing the King’s New Theory of Development through the Decade
12. UZBEKISTAN: Planning for the Future through a Focus on Lifelong Learning
13. VIET NAM: Developing a Common Understanding of Sustainable Development
14. CENTRAL ASIA: Building on Environmental Education
15. PACIFIC ISLANDS: Building Regional Approaches


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