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by Chris LyttletonBangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2008.114 pp.

ISBN 978-92-9223-138-5 (Print version)
ISBN 978-92-9223-139-2 (Electronic version)


Chapter 1: Conceptual Beginnings: Categories and Continuums
Chapter 2: Growing Visibility of Male-Male Sexuality: Coming Out and Stigma
Chapter 3: Engagement Rules - Age, Money and Workplace
Chapter 4: Bodies and Emotions: Integrating Fear and Desire
Chapter 5: Love and Sex: Changing Positions
Chapter 6: HIV/AIDS and Sexual Risk
Chapter 7: Conclusion
Chapter 8: Recommendations
Annex I: Summary Details of Research Participants
Annex II: Vignettes of Sites Where Sex Takes Place
Annex III: Nutshell ‘Life’ Stories from Some Key Informants


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