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Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2008, vi + 120 p.ISBN 978-92-9223-205-4 (Print version)ISBN 978-92-9223-206-1 (Electronic version)



Chapter 1: Paradigms of Sustainability: Action Research for Engaging Communities in Learning for Sustainable Development.

Chapter 2: Sustainability, Social Change and the Role of Universities

Chapter 3: In Search of Relevance: Higher Education for Participatory Research and Sustainable Development

Chapter 4: Innovation of Higher Education for Sustainable Development

Chapter 5: A Time for Transformation: Opportunities and Challenges from ParticipatoryDevelopment for Higher Education in the Twenty-first Century

Chapter 6: Roles of Universities in Sufficiency Economy

Chapter 7: Community Service Programmes in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Chapter 8: The Scholarship of International Service Learning: Implications for Teaching and Learning Participatory Development in Higher Education.

Chapter 9: Quality Assurance of Higher Education as a Means of Capacity-building

Chapter 10: Putting Participatory Development into Practice by Academia: Challenges and Prospects

Chapter 11: Closing Address



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