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Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2007, 54 p.ISBN 978-92-9223-142-2 (Print version)ISBN 978-92-9223-143-9 (Electronic version)

This Handbook is designed to give the media a deeper understanding of education issues, particularly those related to the Education for All (EFA) initiative. It provides a list of suggested story ideas and follow-up questions related to specific issues in education to guide the media in their coverage of EFA. It also includes a list of resources – publications and websites – that can further aid journalists in their work. A list of international days and related suggested story ideas is also included along with a glossary of terms and list of acronyms. It is thus hoped that this handbook will strengthen media coverage on education and improve public awareness not just of EFA-related issues but education in general. The main references for this handbook are UNESCO’s EFA Makes News and the working draft of the Guidelines for the Asia and Pacific EFA Mid-Decade Assessment publications.

It is recommended that this Handbook be used by journalists as a reference along with UNESCO’s Education Makes News publication. A wealth of other education-related publications, reports and news can also be found on the Asia-Pacific EFA Website:


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